Deanship of Information Technology

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Manual Electronic Systems at King Abdulaziz University

Academic Services for Students

System Email Owner
KAU e-mail E-mail Deanship of Information Technology
The Virtual Classes Room System Centra Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education
Learning Management System EMES 
Graduate Admission Program Online Services GAPOL Deanship of Graduate Studies
Academic Services  ODUS Plus Deanship of Admission and Registration
Students Electronic Transactions System ERS

Academic Services for Students

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Academic Services  ODUS Plus Deanship of Admission and Registration
Digital Libraries DL Plus Deanship of Library Affairs  
Scholarship Anjez Sponsorships› Management
Scientific Research Anjez Deanship of Scientific Research
Scientific Posts
Training Courses Institute of Public Administration Courses Anjez Administrative Development Management
Seminars Attending Anjez Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
Study Session
Training Grant
Visiting Professor Request
Scientific Meeting Request
Academic Affairs  INB Deanship of Information Technology
Academic Web sites Directory Marz 
Web sites Creation Marz 
Evaluation & Nomination Marz 
Performance Management PMS
Software Library SWL
Academic Attraction Anjez
My Meetings Anjez

Administrative Services for KAU Staff

System Email Owner
KAU e- mail e-mail Deanship of Information Technology
KAU Domain User Account AD
KAU Short Message Service Marz
KAU Employee Directory Marz
Content Management (Archiving) Anjez
Electronic Transactions Anjez
Follow up Your Transaction Anjez
Internal Assignments Anjez
Circulars and Decisions Anjez Center for Administrative Communications
Administrative Communications Anjez
Employment Competitions Anjez persd@kau Labor Administration
Vacation & Participant Anjez
Electronic Newsflash KAU News Media Center
KAU Tender Tendar Financial Administration
Strategic Planning Marz Strategic Planning Department
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